The Bob Burdette Center will be applying for the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant for the upcoming grant cycle.
Please spread the word and consider applying to our Afterschool Program. You can be assured our standards will meet the 21st Century standards of excellence!
Healthy Children. Healthy Families. Healthy Futures.

A Day In the Life of an Afterschool Program – NCCC Part 1

My name is Shirley Petretic. I’m a site coordinator at North Charleston Community Center for the Bob Burdette Center. I arrive at work by 11:30am. I work on setting up my attendance list, food lists (everything that will be served to kids that day), and get my lesson plans set up.

By 1:00pm my staff walks in and tables and chairs get set up.

At 1:30pm I pick up food for the kids and the rest is prep work until the kids arrive at 2:20pm.

Once the kids are here, they are given a full meal (we call it dinner or supper). But it’s not all about what we give to the kids! My kids have jobs to do. One may be a table washer and another may be a motivational guru.The motivational guru does daily affirmations. So many of my kiddos have started to gain self confidence. It’s important that kids learn about having a good work ethic, helping others, and being responsible.

After dinner we dip into homework time. Homework time is 30 minutes of finishing whatever the teacher sent in class or doing other educational activities.

At 3:00pm we do “Spark” which is a physical education curriculum that we use at all Bob Burdette sites. Physical education is a crucial part of our holistic program mission – the body and the brain and the spirit need to work in harmony together!

Throughout the week we do various activities; CCR (college and career readiness), STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), STEAM (all of the STEM plus arts) reading skills, more math, read aloud, writing, business, SEL (social and emotional learning), more art, and technology. We really believe in teaching kids ALL of what they need to make them well-rounded.

At 4:30pm the kids have snack time (usually a healthy fruit and grain option) and then they have some free play time before they get ready to go home by 5:30pm. Kids need to be free to play and just be kids, too!

Coming soon will be “A Day in the Life of an Afterschool Program” for all of our four locations (Emmanuel Baptist Church, Edgewood Elementary, and Mary C. Snow Elementary).

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